THE MEDICAL ITCH by Claude Benjamin


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Pseudonymous young Dr. Benjamin is one of the most familiar figures in American vaudeville/burlesque humor: the medical incompetent lost in a forest of bosoms. (Because it's above-the-navel-below-the-neck, it's supposed to be ""clean."") Actually, it's a bust. If you remember the old Bob Cummings TV show, you will recognize the situation -- glowering secretary saves roguishly aroused boss from lunging female with plunging neckline; from swindlers; from himself; and all to the sound of anned snickers. Long after that gas has been done to death, a monotonous change is rung -- the skin specialist joins the navy and is detailed to work as an eye specialist. Well, some people still laugh at the slip-on-a-banana-peel school of humor and consider the Playgirl of the month great art. Ha ho hum.

Pub Date: April 10th, 1964
Publisher: bolensky