MY LIFE by Claude Bowers


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In this interesting autobiography, practically completed just before his death in 1958, Claude Bowers rounds out the story of his life of which segments were told in My Years in Spain (1954) and in Chile through Embassy Windows (1958). A Jeffersonian democrat, journalist, historian and diplomat, this boom compasses his political life and times. His commitment to the Democratic Party became firm when he first heard William Jennings Bryan speak in 1896, when he was eighteen. But he became in turn journalist for a Terre Haute newspaper, secretary to a United States Senator, author of The Tragic Era and several books on Jefferson and Hamilton, and editorial writer for the New York World. Spanning two world wars and their aftermath, active in politics, friend of such diverse public figures as Eugene V. Debs, Theodore Dreiser, William McAdoo, bernard Baruch, Alfred E. Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt -- and during Roosevelt's administration appointed first as Ambassador to Spain, later to Chile, Bower's career was lively and colorful. These memoirs make definite contribution to the American political scene of his time.

Pub Date: Dec. 14th, 1962
Publisher: Simon & Schuster