WAKE UP IN BED TOGETHER: A Manual for Sexual Repatterning by Claude & Dorothy Nolte

WAKE UP IN BED TOGETHER: A Manual for Sexual Repatterning

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Come into Claude and Dorothy's bedroom. The Noltes -- psychologists whose theories reflect their personal marital experience -- suggest you read their book out loud together, preferably in the nude. Already you feel foolish, but ""getting in touch with gut-level responses"" involves a lot of equally weak-minded experiments (enumerated at the end of each chapter as in a grammar school reader) from practicing your vowel sounds -- ""aiee, aaah, oooh"" -- in the shower, to touching each other via ESP, some peculiar games involving cucumbers, bananas, speculums and mirrors, not to mention one that uses the vagina as a beer mug. The Noltes include the by now obligatory reassurances about orgasm, masturbation, oral-genital and anal coitus, but sharing, honesty and increasing ""basic awareness"" through sensitivity training are what's supposed to turn the trick -- provided, of course, you don't mind being sexually ""repatterned"" by somone else's rulebook and one that menages to be simultaneously outre and banal.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Stein & Day