THE EAGLE OF THE GREDOS by Claude John Osgood


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This has all the ingredients for an old-time derring do romance, but that sort of thing has to be supremely well done to carry its one time appeal today. This failed, dismally, for me --and I rather enjoy cloak and sword glamor now and again. Given a courageous, devil-may-care hero, poor but proud young Ramon, from his castle in the crags near the Moorish border -- and the lovely Leonor to whom his troth was plighted, but who doubted him too readily for my taste -- and old Don Pedro who was endorsed by Leonor's father as suitor for her hand -- and Zulema, Moorish princess who cared not what means she used to ensnare Ramon -- and what more can you ask. The details of the life and background and period seem authentic (though at times I felt that details were deliberately injected for instruction to the reader). And the story has plenty of pace and action, color and passion. It ought to jell, but it doesn't.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1942
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock