THE KITE IN THE SEA by Claude och


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The story of a special summer, in which Lolly Redding learned to let go the images of her childhood and take on the realities of her present. Her mother recently dead, her father a wayfarer who loved his children but could not live with them, Lolly at fourteen was the woman of her family with four older brothers to care for. But they too were leaving--Johnny for the Navy, Paul for the priesthood, Philip with his highflown, brittle fiancee for a career in law--and only seventeen-year-old Gordy was to be left to her. The summer in Atlantic City, with interludes in Philadelphia where she goes to visit her home to try to recapture the past, has many surprises into insight. The father who has stayed the summer must be on his way and Lolly at last is ready to accept the scattering of those she loves. The nicer moments here are diminished by the sense of so many lessons to be given but a delicate subject is handled with care.

Pub Date: March 18th, 1964
Publisher: Chilton