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Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1974
Publisher: Lyle Stuart

I want to state unequivocably"" (sic) that if such a thing were at all possible -- this book could be an injustice to Richard Milhaus Nixon who, after G. Gordon Liddy is at large again, learns that Liddy has three still more incriminating tapes he threatens to make public. So given no alternative (although Nixon really doesn't like the idea) Nixon plans a take-over of the country picking up Senators -- 75% of them -- for starters. Just when Pat is complaining that there's a little trouble between Julie (Julie?) and David again, and just when Ron Ziegler is making out with a girl called Cathy -- ""groin-shaking shock"" -- and just when Joan Kennedy is saying to Teddy -- ""I'm in bed, dear, and waiting for you know what. . . ."" One for that put-upon paper-shredder, glowering by Rose Mary's desk. She's here too.