ALMIRA'S VIOLETS by Claudia Fregosi


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Fregosi's rouged, two-dimensional puppet-like figures gesticulate stiffly in crisp pink, blue and violet frames, all set in Almira's violet shop where her jealous cat contrives to eat all the attention-getting plants. But understanding Almira praises the cat for his eyes, his whiskers, and his purr, and in the end people are saying, ""It's no wonder you have the prettiest violets, Almira, with such a fine cat to watch over them."" Supportive therapy at a stylized distance--but here the soft theme and hard visuals are in closer touch than in last year's The Mammoth, The Owl and the Crab.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1976
Publisher: Greenwillow/Morrow