SUPERGIRLS: The Autobiography of an Outrageous Business by Claudia & Genie Chipps Jessup

SUPERGIRLS: The Autobiography of an Outrageous Business

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Claudia -- she does the talking -- and Genie, finished products of junior colleges and such in their early twenties, decided to start their own all-purpose service bureau, often catering to the eclectic unusual. Like having a woman's gallstones laminated into a plastic paperweight for her son (there must be something wrong with him too) or redecorating the plane of a Texas millionaire. This of course lends a qui vive interest to the account of the ups and downs of their business, nice publicity via Look and the Tonight show, moving it out of an apartment (Genie's wasn't big enough for even a Princess phone) and on to Madison Avenue where of course they did most of their most lucrative work for advertising agencies and big business (with endless parties arranged). Now they're extending themselves as New Image women (they're not at all interested in that other movement) and as idea-brokers and since they're button bright, maybe they'll think of a way to do something with this book which is essentially a novelty item.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1972
Publisher: Harper & Row