CENTER AISLE by Claudia Holland


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Southport, and the first families of Virginia, in a present-day portrait which sometimes loses track of its story but never forgets to point up the pride of bloodlines, the centuries of graceful living and social snobbery which make up a small town such as this. The decision, prompted by spite, of Celia Lathrop, highhanded and headstrong, to marry Tom Warren, is the pivotal point here- as are the Lathrops who for years had held the preeminent position in Southport. Doubtful now, that he has won her, that he still wants her, Tom turns towards Cherry Keane, the girl in the flower shop, and it is Cherry who is later revealed to be a Lathrop- reviving a scandal and a tragedy long ago... The prevalence, and the falseness, of such standards, in a rendition which will do for rent.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1949
Publisher: Rinehart