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From the After-School Superstars series, volume 1

by Claudia Mills ; illustrated by Grace Zong

Age Range: 7 - 9

Pub Date: June 4th, 2019
ISBN: 978-0-8234-4093-1
Publisher: Margaret Ferguson/Holiday House

Nixie is facing a crisis: “How could you be best friends with more than one person?”

Now that the third-grader’s stay-at-home mother has gotten a job, Nixie has to attend after-school cooking camp. That means her very best friend, Grace, who’s been staying with Nixie in the afternoons because the after-school program costs too much, will now be staying with Elyse. Naturally, Grace enjoys spending time with Elyse—and Elyse’s new kitten—cementing a new friendship. It’s not that cooking camp isn’t fun. Nixie’s team, consisting of smart, fact-spewing Nolan, very precise Vera, and humorously energetic Boogie Bass, makes sure of that. But it’s not the same any more, having to reluctantly share Grace with Elyse, and Nixie’s determined to find a way to fix things. Unfortunately, her misguided efforts only backfire, and finally Nixie, feeling betrayed, does the unthinkable and screams a horrible thing at Grace. It won’t be easy to win back her friend. Nixie and her classmates are drawn with enough individuality to distinguish them as they deal with the universal problems of their age group supported by friendly peers and (mostly) helpful adults. Nixie and Boogie present white, and Nolan is Indian-American; illustrations suggest that Vera, Grace, and Elyse are all children of color.

Likable Nixie creates a terrific recipe for winning back old friends and making lots of new ones. (Fiction. 7-9)