NINO by Clay Fisher


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In fiction form this is the life story of Red Wolf, (Nino) the Apache who became known as the Mad Wolf of the San Carlos and whose disappearance (death?) became part of his legend. Friendly with the soldiers from his childhood, he gained at 16 the distinction of being the youngest Indian ever to serve the U.S. Forces, became known as their finest trailer, and, following an Apache law, when he killed the man who had killed his father, he was tried, found guilty but never served his 7 year term in Yuma. He escaped, kidnaped the girl Chuana, and started his career of outlawry. From a retreat to the cliff dwellings, where his young son was born and his wife died, he went on his wanderings with the woman Hoosh to Mexico and back, and returned to give himself up to the ex-Army man Solber who had long pursued him. Their meeting arranged, the greed for the $5,000 bounty put Wallapi Clark, who had long hated him, on watch; Hoosh was killed, Nino found, and thought dead, by Seiber- but there was the chance he might have lived. A segment of Southwestern Indian history, this makes its case for Nino and combines known facts with adventure for a vigorous story.

Publisher: Morrow