OFFICIAL SECRET by Clayton Hutton


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Few readers fail to thrill to escape stories, but do they pause to wonder who or what organization was behind the ingenious escape aids that became familiar to the allied forces. Here is the story of that man, Major Hutton, whose wartime job was to devise aids, to facilitate production, to engineer distribution- and to be ready to substitute at once when the enemy solved the secret. There were silk maps to all areas and frontiers; there were all sorts of ways of concealing tiny compasses; there were flying boots that could be quickly converted, heels that held money, plastic containers that held necessities for survival- food, medicine, first aid items, even cream in toothpaste tubes. Frequently his methods were on the edge of the illegal; he used circuitous ways to get around official red tape. But his story reads like a who-dun-it- even up to his battle with security authorities after the war (and after most of the ""top secrets"" had leaked to the press), to write his own book and tell his own story. Now at long last, this is that story.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1961
Publisher: Crown