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SKYROAD TO MYSTERY by Clayton Knight



Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf

High adventure, competently told, but somehow more contrived than its predecessors, Quest of the Golden Condor and Secret of the Buried Tomb. Once again the Gregory's, sons of an archeologist father, are deep in mysterious goings on, which involve a world freight service by air, the F.B.I., a Communist spy ring, a roll of microfilm hidden in an odoriferous cheese, and so on Pepe is operating his own air service; Ronnie, on vacation, wangles his way on the South American flight which proves to be the exciting climax to a series of events. Its glamorous, but pretty slick, though that wont interfere with absorbed interest of adventure-minded readers, who may even be weaned from the comics' blood and thunder. One questions the deliberate build-up of attention on pending enmity between Communists and the Western world -- an assumption we hate to accept as inevitable with all the constructive forces working to prevent it.