THE STORY OF FLIGHT by Clayton Knight
Kirkus Star


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This, in my opinion, is the best ""story"" in relatively brief compass that has been done. There have been others that were more detailed, that allowed for more human interest material, and so on. But others in the comparable types of books- large flat books, lavishly illustrated, have tended to be perfunctory in handling of text. Those who remember Mr. Knight's Big Book of Real Jet Planes will count on him to present his material at a thoroughly adult level, never talking down to his audience. They will expect, too, that his illustrations, in bold line, will be both decorative and informative. This text starts the way modern youngsters would prefer- with a today's transocean flight from a vast metropolitan airport. From this, with all its accompanying highlighted details of procedure, he turns back to legend, to the study of bird flight, to the dreams and plans of Leonardo da Vinci- and comes forward with the trailblazers, the experimenters, the visionaries, and the practical scientists to the era of the jet and the dreams of tomorrow. There's an immense amount of information packed into some 130 pages.

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap