MAKING AN ORCHARD by Cledwyn Hughes


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While this book will provide a certain amount of basic information for the American rchardist, on the level of home fruit growers, much of the data is inapplicable-such as the choice of varieties, the times of planting, the dates of harvest. For Cledwyn Hughes' home orchard is on the border of Wales, and this type of information relates itself to British isles' conditions and plant material. Discounting that, it makes beguiling reading, almost tempting the amateur gardener to branch out into fruit growing. The terminology, too, differs somewhat from ours, but the value of the book here will lie in the information about propagation, budding or grafting; relation of orchard planning to house and lot; kinds of soil best suited to different fruits and those ""extras"" under which he groups walnuts, quinces and peaches. Little is said in similar works here about cultivating a grass carpeting for the orchard; little of the proper types of walls and fences. This reader found the chief merit the pleasant, poetic British style.

Publisher: St Martin's Press