CAPTURED BY THE ABNAKIS by Clement Philbrook


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Indian tribes captured and held many American settlers, and the difficult escapes effected by the hardier youths have been a popular source for juvenile fiction lo! these many moons. This story, based on the genuine experience of Isaac Bradley and Joseph Whittaker when they were taken at Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1695, follows strictly and without variation the typical form of seizure/enslavement/escape. Ike Bradley is a model of the super-adolescent. Before he even enters the tribe he manages to out-wrestle the strongest young brave and to prove himself by running the gantlet not just once but twice. Obese, stupid, cowardly Joe offers Ike that much more opportunity for heroism. The Indians are just as superficially described, tribal details are limited and warmth of personality appears to be directly proportionate to articulateness. The boys keep going mainly on the strength of platitudes Ike learned from his father, especially, ""...all you've got to do is tighten your belt."" Although Ike reaches the last notch in his belt twice, the story seemed strangled the first time round.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1965
Publisher: Hastings House