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This was originally reported in September (P.361) but was made a reserve and postponed -- and the title, Children of Wrath, changed to Apartment in selection (with Black Boy), -- It is difficult to assigns the books for the impact of this back, written as it is in almost muted tones. , thinly pleated story of a little Greek family under German into force through the effect on the lines and personalities of the by the German officer quartered on them. The Neilsson has they were out off from relatives, they were in an . The father and mother are forced into object of their guests 18-year old wits and beyond his years; Leda, half-witted and adoring Alex who is gentle with her, transfers some of her devotion to the German, Kalter. Then comes Kalter's leave -- a temporary surcease of ageny for the Heliance -- and his return, a man changed through grief, embittered by learning that he has lost all he loved. At first this softens him towards his Greek hosts; then, angered by the father's daring to criticise his Fuehrer, imposes the final penalty on them, even in his suicide. The father is killed in prison; the mother gives Alex to the Underground, there to vent his hate in revenge...Viewed as a symbolic story of the passions unleashed in the world today, this has a cumulative power, unsuspected in the seeming simplicity of the story as it is told. An unforgettable, searing picture, with no immediate political implications, but with value in its psychology. Not a book for all readers -- though the BOM selection will push it to big sales.

Pub Date: Feb. 26th, 1945
Publisher: Harper