THE LAST RESORTS by Cleveland Amory
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The author of The Proper Bestonians adds an entertaining epitaph to the ghost towns of privilege and prestige, from the Berkshires to Florida, and revives an era of fabulous wealth and the idiosyncrasies of the blueblooded elite. And from a grand tour of the haut monde and the beau monde, of the Old Wealth which is now the New Poor, this settles down to a fuller portrait of four great resorts, their fabulous architecture, first families, extravaganzas, rifts and rivalries. There's Tuxedo-graveyard of the aristocracy; Newport- pre-income tax like pre-revolution Russia;; Bar Harbor- and Palm Beach, with perhaps the greatest concentration of wealth but deterioration of social standards, and for these resorts and spas-there are always the more poisonous waters of spite and scandal as well as the invulnerability of money in terms of millions.....A baedeker and a bluebook- which in its wit and gossip and amused observation of an expensive, exclusive sphere provides fine spectator sport.

Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1952
Publisher: Harper