FAKE! by Clifford Irving


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Elmyr de Hory, a gifted and quite entertaining scamp, is the new master who provided Texas oil millionaire Algur Hurtle Meadows with the ""largest private collection of fake paintings in the world."" You may remember the story when it broke some two years ago and Mr. Irving, who knew de Hory on his native island of Ibiza, has done a not so still life of the man who was always on the run from the time some years ago when he first turned his hand to Picassos. They fooled dealer Klaus Perls in New York and before long Knoedler, Paul Rosenberg, the Fogg Museum tat Harvard and even Lionel Venturi authorized various signatures (Matisse, Braque, Renoir, Modigliani, et alia). De Hory, a dilettante with expensive tastes of his own, was always in difficulties, even more when sponsored by two salesmen whom he claimed ruined the market. . . . De Hory by Irving, a generally attractive likeness of a rogue. Who perhaps justifiably Capitalized on the avidity of the contemporary art scene.

Pub Date: Oct. 17th, 1969
Publisher: McGraw-Hill