FLAME OUT OF THE DORSET by Clifford Stevens


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This is a novel aimed at the most acceptant of the faithful, which few others will be able to read without animus toward its conception and execution. Father Stephen Jarrett is a very young monk of the Trappist Abbey of Our Lady of Cairnland in Virginia. He quit his studies at Georgetown University, giving up history for the vow of silence. Barely a professed monk, he inherits nine million dollars from a Texas aunt, but his abbot refuses to tell Stephen of the inheritance (which the Abbey will get anyway) until he has taken Stephen on a tour of some European monasteries. Stephen goes by himself to Tintorn Abbey and down in its grottoes he meets a 700-year old monk who has been entrusted with the True History of the founding of the Cistercian Order and with some relics (chalices). The old monk relates the history to Stephen, who remembers it verbatim and later writes it down. After Stephen tells his abbot of this incontrovertible vision, they decide to buy Tintern Abbey and restore it as a monastery, which they do. They also recover the relics. For a special audience.

Publisher: Doubleday