THE ROD HEART by Clifton Guthbert


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An inconclusive probe into the question of Negro and white relationships as the rumor of music critic, Denis', love for Judy, respectably raised West Indian, becomes an issue with parents on both sides. Denis, advocate of Negro music, finds his answer to revolt against his family, his aimless life, in Judy, and sublimates the questions of color to his own personal problems and needs. Judy finds her conservative upbringing disrupted by their affair which provides issues she is incapable of resolving. When the families stop in, both Denis and Judy are unable to stand against them. The shattered career of a marijuana smoking trumpet player underlines the instability of their affair. Lots of good le jazz hot technique material, but the climax comes from personalities rather than actual conditioned prejudices. No mean effort, however, of psychological interpretation.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1945
Publisher: Fischer