AND SO TO HOME by Cll Roberts


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Plucking a bouquet from Time"" -- with enthusiasm and hyperbole -- here current scenes revive a flourish of ancient history, religious and political, art, literature. Whether it is the Castle of St. Angelo, the Plazza, the convent where Luther stayed, the Corso, the Palazzo Doris, the Bank of the oly Ghost, the Forum or the Palatine, each site generates a wealth of historical and legendary incidents and personages; the Borgias; Prince Torlonia- the banker; the Trial of St. Paul; the lovesick Vittoria who pined away at 25; the beautiful Princess Borghese; Bapheal, Galileo, Milton, etc. etc. For the many who are visiting the Holy City this year, this is of particular interest as a recreation and amplification of the elegance and drama of days gone by.

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1950
Publisher: Macmillan