FAITH AND COMMUNITY by Clyde A. Holbrook


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For the person who takes himself and others seriously, and is able to follow the leader into profound philosophical thinking about the issues of life, this series of essays should prove to be very rewarding. Dr. Clyde A. Holbrook of Oberlin College, from within the depths of his own thinking and experience, writes of faith, primal faith, the inevitable condition in which all men live by virtue of being finite creatures, and radical faith, involving decisions and commitment of a more or less conscious type. The Christian, through this radical faith, lays hold upon the ultimate object, God, through Jesus Christ. Dr. Holbrook then explores the nature of the real community as the outworking of the faith relation in which the Christian stands. The book resounds with echoes and re-echoes of St. Paul, Augustine, Kierkegaard, Niebuhr, Buber, Jaspers, Tillich and many others, but the author's synthesis is his own. For those who relish hard reading and serious thinking.

Pub Date: May 13th, 1959
Publisher: Harper