THE BEAST OF LOR by Clyde Robert Bulla


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A gratifying little fabrication about Lud, who lives with an old woman in a forest hut and is shunned as ""the witch's child,"" and an elephant brought home from Africa by a Roman sea captain and then to Britain by Caesar's invading army. Lud flees when villagers burn the hut; later, in a cave, he cares for a dying stranger who gives him a jeweled pendant; and after some wandering he encounters the newly landed elephant that Roman soldiers are attempting to rope. The ""beast,"" having been raised with a boy, takes to Lud and lifts him to his back while escaping from the soldiers. As they wander, strangers gape and some try to capture the strange new creature; at last another wandering boy persuades Lud to help his tribesmen overthrow a trio of tyrants who have chased off their former king. Thanks to the elephant, the rebellion succeeds, and the grateful people, recognizing Lud's pendant as that of their former leader, make him their new king. An agreeable bit of wish fulfillment for those who prefer to make their escape in a real, historical setting.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1977
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell