THE SUGAR PEAR TREE by Clyde Robert Bulla
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A simple little story of how a boy and a pear tree found a new home. Remembering the pleasant times he used to have with Gramp's sugar pear tree, Lonnie decides to tell about it in his school composition entitled My Favorite Tree. To Lonnie's surprise, he wins a new sugar pear tree awarded by Nick's Tree Nursery for the best composition. Unfortunately, however, there is no room to plant the tree. A parallel situation develops in which Gramps refused to relocate the family despite the oncoming freeway. When they find themselves ousted, Nick relocates the house (transported on wheels) and the sugar pear tree. An unusual plot utilizing a modern problem will especially interest suburban youngsters on the Easy Reading level.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1960
Publisher: Crowell