TRANQUILLITY by Col. Harold P. Sheldon
Kirkus Star


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I'm betting on this not only for sales this Fall but for value in the future. It has everything it takes to win. My only regret is the limited number of copies, for the appeal is legion, and the writing so excellent, that it could easily be a best seller. It is the story of the Judge, who sits solemn and genial on the bench by day, and follows Hozo, his coon dog, on secret and jovial expeditions by night; the captain, grand sportsman, shot and angler, whose sense of humor is delicious as his spirit is rare; of the Dark Haired Lady, who is a ""Model A"" of all the Sportsman's wife should be; of Minnie, who is not; of Mr. Nash (Nash Buckingham, author of De Shootinest Gent'man and Mark Right whom they visit for the shooting on Ole Miss.) These and a dozen other tales of coon hunts, bee hunts, dove shoots, goose pits, ducking, woodcock shooting, supply variety for every taste, while mingled with the story in every case is a detailed description of how it is done. No one can fail to enjoy it, for you weep and laugh, think deeply and profitably, quake and shiver, and bask as you read and reread. It is packed full of sheer delight. Buy your limit for it won't last.

Publisher: Derrydale