PAT: The Story of a Seeing Eye Dog by Col. S. P. Meek
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PAT: The Story of a Seeing Eye Dog

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A young veteran who has been blinded in the Pacific, returns to the new adjustments of a civilian, and is the courageous hero of this book. His mother is ready to baby him into complete invalidism but his sweetheart is determined that he is to have a real life with her. She encourages him to go to Morristown where a seeing-eye dog and a new training help him to come back to a happy home life, an independent livelihood as a salesman, a home of his own and courage to spare. The dog, Pat, is an important part of his life, and in a finally stormy night, leads Jimmy through a hurricane-hit town to get the doctor for his baby's arrival. Pat and Jimmy get through when no one else can, and his new baby starts off with a hero daddy. Interesting details of the life and training in Morrisotwn, as well as sympathetic insight into the problems of the disabled veteran. In spite of the jumpy writing, the honest material makes this a moving book.

Pub Date: March 20th, 1947
Page count: 189pp
Publisher: Knopf