MIDNIGHT: A Cow Pony by Col. S.P. Meek


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The author of the ever-popular Frog has written another wonderful horse story. Midnight, beautiful black creature that he is, has things pretty much his own on the great Texas cattle ranch that is his home. He owes love and allegiance to none; will not even allow most of the cowboys on his back. This is the story of his surrender and the story too of Bill, the mysterious cowboy he comes to love. There's the rough and ready camaraderie of a man's world, the excitement of a prairie fire, the quick thinking that means the difference between life and death are here for readers who revel in it. If the mystery of Bill's identity is transparent from almost the beginning, it doesn't matter and only adds to the fun by placing the reader in friendly conspiracy with the hero and the loyal Midnight who has accepted him as something special.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1949
Publisher: Knopf