THE EVENING STAR: Recollections by Colette

THE EVENING STAR: Recollections

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This is a companion piece to The Thousand and One Mornings (1973) -- more reflective, and a little more substantial (as remotely as that qualifier applies to Colette) -- written, or as she would say scribbled, in her seventies when she was bedbound but never restive -- ""the sky alone is distraction enough."" These apercus (Fr., but who could be more French) skitter through the war years and their ""trying passivity""; back to the Great War; over a graphological treatise on homosexuality which she finds a most sad condition; over losses -- particularly her friend Helene, a prominent turn of the century poet; over her writing -- the last page of a novel demands a full stomach so that congestion can promote inspiration. Thoughts of age intrude occasionally and then there's that shadowed closing line -- ""from here I can see the end of the road."" Perhaps just a coda to those other forty books -- but Colette is very much here as she was, a charming presence.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1974
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill