CLIMBING BLIND by Colette Richard


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Colette Richard possesses only a faint perception of light, yet she is a mountaineer and cave explorer. ""I go for my pleasure and to conquer myself,"" she says, and what she has to tell in this honest little book bears out her statement. She describes numerous ascents, to the heights of glacier and sun, when the call to courage is constant and guide-companions help her along the way. Then there are the descents into the caves, particularly with Norbert Casteret--where she has known the pleasure of touching bats and stalactites, and slept a night alone in isolated Gargas Cave. Without sight, she sees God's grandeur, and knows that ""courage, sometimes, is to feel afraid and be the only one to know it."" Her book will appeal to those who respond to the challenge of peaks and depths, physical or spiritual.

Publisher: Dutton