ATOLL by Colin D. Peel


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Far-fetched adventure yarn from Peel (Snowtrap, 1985, etc.), this one centering on the misdeeds of the French on the Polynesian atoll of Mururoa, which, after 30-odd years of their underwater nuclear tests, has now started to leak radioactive contaminate. Tumahai, a concerned local, needs scientific proof and calls on Hawaii-based geologist British John Carlisle for help. Carlisle at first declines, but sends over his surly friend Zac Brennan, a mining engineer, who realizes that The Problem Is Bigger Than They Thought: A Russian submarine is lurking in Polynesian waters! As French agents stalk Zac and Martine, a beautiful islander, John comas to help; then the three of them piece together France's backup plan--to blame the Russians--while loyal Polynesians die left and right. Will the intrepid trio be able to alert the world to Mururoa's plight? Sure, but first they have to build a mock-up of a Russian sub and topple the one that's nestling outside the lagoon....Action-adventure guaranteed not to raise the pulse.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1992
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: St. Martin's