WALK RABBIT WALK by Colin & Elizabeth Attenborough McNaughton


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The hare is cast in the tortoise role in this physically small and (to say the most) unimposing British import, which begins when Rabbit receives a letter from Eagle inviting him--yes, to tea. Rabbit sets off through sunny fields looking forward to the walk, and along the way refuses rides from Eagle's other guests--first, Fox in his hot air balloon, then Bear in his sports car, Cat on her motorbike, Pig in his helicopter, and Donkey on her roller skates. (Intentionally, perhaps, the vehicles are crassly colored, with a heavy unattractive overlay of black hatching.) But when the others all collide and have to abandon their wrecked vehicles, Rabbit gets there first. ""Sometimes it's quicker to walk,"" he explains to Eagle. A sentiment worth spreading, but it's only perfunctorily demonstrated here.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1977
Publisher: Viking