THE JANUS MAN by Colin Forbes


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A British spymaster must find out which of his four subordinates is not only a mole but a vicious, serial sex-murderer as well. From the author of Terminal, The Leader and the Damned, The Stockholm Syndicate, etc. Whom can Tweed trust? He knows he can count on his never-sleeping assistant Monica, his not-too-bright boss, and trusty Bob Newman, a spy/reporter with useful homocidal skills. Whom he can't trust is the quartet of bright fellows he promoted into supervisory roles when he took over operation of his intelligence network. One of these ungrateful wretches is not just the usual brilliant, ambitious underling but a rotten traitor on the enemy payroll. Only these four had the knowledge as well as the opportunity to knock off Tweed's late agent Ian Fergusson in Hamburg. To trap the rat, Tweed sets himself up as bait. He will go to Hamburg himself and pick up where Fergusson was interrupted, His plan has the blessing of the Prime Minister, but she insists he take Bob Newman along as a bodyguard. Within days, Tweed and Newman pick up the scent of treachery and follow it to the southern Baltic, where dwells the mysterious philantropist Dr. Berlin and where floats a drifting wealthy colony of international yachting riffraff. Tweed slays on Dr. Berlin's case. Newman gets sidetracked into a harrowing but highly informative secret excursion into East Germany. Meanwhile, several attractive blondes are hacked to bits not too awfully far from Dr. Berlin's island mansion. Occasionally pokey but an otherwise entertaining thriller.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1988
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich