ABC AND 1 2 3 by Colin McNaughton

ABC AND 1 2 3

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First printed in Britain as two separate titles--ABC and Things and 1 2 3 and Things, this starts with an alphabet of cliches, or commonplace metaphors, which are literally interpreted in the pictures. Thus ""C is for Crime wave"" (a surfing burglar), ""S is for Storm in a teacup"" (obvious), ""V is for Visiting card"" (the ace of spades comes to call), etc. The counting portion abandons the gimmick but remains stylishly outrÉ: ""Three ski off a giant's knee,"" ""Ten young men in a lion's den"" (their heads are mounted as trophies, the lion lolls on a Victorian couch), ""Thirteen rats in old men's hats"" (from stovepipe to deerstalker). Illustrated with derivative eccentricity, it's ingenious but decidedly out of the way--and sometimes prohibitively British in content.

Pub Date: Sept. 2nd, 1977
Publisher: Doubleday