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SHH! (DON'T TELL MR. WOLF!) by Colin McNaughton


by Colin McNaughton & illustrated by Colin McNaughton

Pub Date: April 1st, 2000
ISBN: 0-15-202341-0
Publisher: Harcourt

The nefarious Mr. Wolf is up to his nasty tricks again. This time he’s looking for Preston Pig, but he’s looking in all the wrong places. Each page has at least two flaps, the less obvious one hiding Preston. As Mr. Wolf looks inside the house, outdoors, down the street, and in the grocery store, lifting the other flap means the villain will find the wrong pig and it seems that these angry pigs are roughing him up out of the view of the reader. In wonderful cartoon exaggeration, his beaten, black and blue, and increasingly bandaged body shows the results as the story progresses. When he’s completely battered and befuddled, and about to be trapped in a box, the jaunty Preston Pig gives the reader permission to tell Mr. Wolf where he is. Silly and funny, even the youngest readers will enjoy this peekaboo chase as well as being in on the secret. (Picture book. 13)