THE ENORMOUS ZOO by Colin Willock


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Subtitled ""A Profile of the Uganda National Parks,"" this underlines, in terms of action, the necessity and procedures for running preserves scientifically rather than by rule of thumb. It is essentially an adventure in setting up and administering parks in such a manner. The Uganda Parks-- Queen Elizabeth and Murchison -- led in the development of the scientific approach, begun when Ken Beaton was brought in from Kenya in 1952 to take over. He and later other devoted, enterprising individuals are introduced, their tactics and experiences narrated, as Colin Willock knew them through his work on a film and on a hunt for a white rhino. One is witness to the birth of an elephant, the thinning of hippo (suggested by Fulbrighters to salvage vegetation), up-Nile travel, dealing with poachers, the handling of tourists as the warden and staff cope with the day-to-day trials of the preserve and pursue the knowledge they need to run it effectively. An interesting inside view of a subject which has generally been treated superficially by passing tourists.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World