WHO KILLED KENYA? by Colin Wills


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A quiet and unassuming book that limns the main issues of controversy in Africa today and places them in their historical and ethnological context. The provocative title refers to the Kenya region of Africa which fifteen years ago showed a daily growth of understanding between the natives and the Europeans, an improvement in education, in agricultural methods, and a decrease of fear and superstition in the light of modern science. Today, this same section is regressing in a state of conflict between a nationalism which has gone sour and the terrorism of Mau Mau who is feared by both blacks and whites. And there is the hope that young, educated men of good will in this country will be able to restore the balance of trust and harmony which has been destroyed.... A good beginning book on the African situation- but a market may be hard to find in this country.

Pub Date: Sept. 7th, 1953
Publisher: Roy