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HEART BONES by Colleen Hoover


by Colleen Hoover

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 2023
ISBN: 9781668021910
Publisher: Atria

A 19-year-old Kentucky girl—the product of a one-night stand—finds her addict mother dead and ends up spending the summer in Texas with her father and his family.

After a lifetime of active neglect from her mother, Beyah Grim comes home one day from her shift at McDonald’s to find her dead on the sofa, needle still in her arm. All the child support money sent by her father has been spent on her mother’s addictions. The system has failed her. She taught herself to use a stove at age 6 and did whatever was necessary throughout her life to make sure there was food on the table. She's vowed never to become like her mother, and volleyball is her way out—all she needs is a place to stay for two months until her full ride to Penn State begins on Aug. 3. So when she's quickly evicted from the trailer she and her mother shared, she calls her father; he books her a ticket on the earliest possible flight to Houston. When she arrives, she discovers that Alana, her father’s wife of a year, has a daughter named Sara who's just a little older than Beyah and a summer house on the beach on Bolivar Peninsula, where Beyah and her father head straight from the airport. Once Beyah settles in, Sara and her boyfriend, Marcos, begin trying to set her up with their friend Samson. Pegging the guy as a rich douchebag, Beyah soon realizes there's more to him that he lets on and that despite his purported wealth he is just as damaged as her. This is the story of a summer love affair as Beyah and Samson get to know one another, sharing their darkest secrets until Samson’s past catches up with him. Hoover spends a lot of time dissecting class prejudices against a gossamer backdrop of summer love that evolves to become much more.

A thoughtful exploration of how poverty impacts people's choices and blurs the lines between good and bad behavior.