FIGHTER ACES by Colonel Raymond F. Toliver


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This is a sweeping review of American (and some Allied and some enemy) aces during the last three wars. It is distinguished by its comprehensiveness and its revised system of s. coring who belongs where on the victory lists, though every area has been covered more thoroughly in books which specialize on certain aspects of aerial combat--books within the last two years by Arch Whitehead, Martin Caidin, the superb Rickenbacker reissue, and Jablonski's The Knighted Skies. Colonel Toliver often lets his aces tell their own stories, an excellent device gaining in fashion among air historians. This is certainly a useful reference book, readable in its own right, though it often skims in an effort to cover the material. For example, in the chapter on WWII Marine Corps aces, Guadalcanal pilots get a dozen amplified references while the Iwo Jima pilots aren't mentioned once. This will hardly matter to general readers, though, who will be quite satisfied with what is here.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1965
Publisher: Macmillan