READY AND DESIROUS by Comm. of Episcopal Diocese of N.Y.


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This manual on preparation for confirmation is the report of the Commission on Preparation for Confirmation of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, the result of a five year study by theologians and pastors appointed by the Bishop of New York. Troubled by the fact that many new communicants added to parish rolls via confirmation seemed to make no difference in the communicant strength of these parishes, the Bishop of New York concluded that many losses must be due to inadequate confirmation instruction. Therefore this book, which is not a course of confirmation instruction; instead, it reexamines the theological basis of confirmation and sets forth with admirable clarity the various elements, psychological and otherwise, which must be reckoned with in the preparation of children, youth, college students and adults. Catechetical questions and answers are no longer adequate, if they ever were, to fashion a faithful communicant. There is a good bibliography with each section. If pastors and teachers will follow the guidance of this book, their work will be cut out for them, but the result will be more dedicated, convinced, and faithful Christians in their flocks.

Publisher: Morehouse -- Barlow