THE LAST CRUISE by Commander William J. Lederer


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By the author of All The Ship's At Sea (see P. 13) this is a short effective account of the grim voyage of the submarines, Cochino (SS345) and Tusk (SS426) which has appeared both in the Saturday Evening Post and The Readers' Digest. They were operating under simulated battle conditions to test and train for new electronic devices, heading from Ireland via the Arctic Circle, westward, in August 1949. 400 miles north of the Circle, fire aboard the Cochino resulted in an explosion, and in the midst of a terrific storm, they tried to save the ship, fighting all the terrors the disaster brought about. Making contact with Tusk, they finally abandoned ship, and in yet another series of grave dangers they accomplished the impossible. Only seven were lost and the heroism and selflessness are epic material. Told by the men themselves as they remember the incidents of the ""last cruise"" this is a gripping report in the best maritime tradition.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1950
Publisher: William Sloane