MAN'S DISORDER AND GOD'S DESIGN by Compilation of Amsterdam Assembly Series
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This omnibus volume of the Amsterdam Assembly Series brings together under one cover the official findings of the four sections of the World Council of Churches and the papers prepared before the meeting for the consideration of the several sections. This is a monumental volume, embracing as it does the significant utterances and findings of what has been described as the greatest Church meeting since the Reformation. The range and scope of the papers is amazing. It describes the chief problems confronted by organized religion in every part of the world and it deals with all aspects of human life, politics, economics, morals, social conditions, theology, philosophy and psychology and ethics. The reports are given under the four great subject headings which provided the basis of the Council's deliberations: (1) The Universal Church on God's Design; (2) The Church's Witness to God's Design; (3) The Church and the Disorder of Society; (4) The Church and the International Order. The contributors to the volume represent many different nations and many different Churches (all in fact except the Roman Catholic Church). Their names constitute a roll of the world's religious leaders as this partial list will indicate: Bishop Aulen, Karl Barth, Emil Brunner, Walter Horton, Paul Tillich, John C. Bennett, Reinhold Niebuhr, J. H. Oldham, John Foster Dulles, J.L. Hromadka. As the papers submitted at Amsterdam were designed for ""the serious consideration of the churches"", it is the hope of the World Council that the constituent Churches in each country will devote real study to them. This is an epoch-making report issuing from a great historical event. As the authorities in each denomination will be urging its wide reading, a prominent place should be given to this book in all book-stores and libraries.

ISBN: 1417994924
Publisher: Harper