THE MONARCH OF THE GLEN by Compton Mackenzie


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Scotland again and the unshakable determination of the individual is once more the theme, though on a less spare note than The Tight Little Island. For here it is Inverness-shire, and the Chieftain of Ben Nevis who is host to the Americans, Chester and Carrie Royde, and Chester's sister, Myrtle. That the Roydes are very rich sends the Laird to dreaming of marrying one of his sons (when those at home fail, he imports his oldest from India) to Myrtle, inspires him to overcharge them when they decide to buy a lodge from one of his old friends. But his attention does not flag when it comes to imprisoning hikers who have paid his ""Keep Off"" signs no heed nor does he falter when it comes to stalking members of the Scottish Brotherhood of Action and he is at his rugged, mammoth best at The Gathering. The Americans do not suffer -- for Chester gets Knocknacolly at his terms and wears the tartans that please him; Carrie and Myrtle manage a pleasant flirtation with the S.B.A. boys they have met, protected and warmed; and when the National Union of Hikers declares war, it is Chester they kidnap. And, on another round of hostilities, it is the poet, committed to S. B. A., who wins the Laird's heart, Chester's -- and Myrtle's. A frolic some blether which makes for cockeyed comedy, this is based on competent craftsmanship, and produces more than one wayward chuckle.

Pub Date: March 27th, 1951
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin