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Simple Recipes for a Healthy, More Delicious Way to Live

by Connie Guttersen

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4027-8119-3
Publisher: Sterling

An update to Guttersen's classic cookbook features more than 200 new recipes capturing the flavors and body-smart cuisine of the Golden State.

Following the success of her Sonoma Diet program, Guttersen (The New Sonoma Diet: Trimmer Waist, More Energy in Just 10 Days, 2011, etc.) offers a new collection of simple recipes that bring new meaning to the concept of healthy living. Emphasizing vegetables and whole grains alongside a small portion of lean meat, home chefs are encouraged to cook with wine and to use "power foods" that give more nutritional boost to meals. The fresh and preferably local ingredients will not leave the dieter hungry; they’ll enjoy a shrimp and artichoke frittata for breakfast, a tomato-based Manhattan-Style Chowder for lunch and spicy chicken with garlic-chile sauce for dinner. Each recipe features not only its nutritional facts but also helpful hints, such as how to plump up chicken or properly cook the moisture out of mushrooms. There are helpful labels that let the chef know if a recipe is fast, will yield leftovers or is gluten free. Wine parings and desserts also have their place in Guttersen's kitchen; readers can enjoy a piece of her Bittersweet Chocolate Grand Marnier Souffle Cake at 175 calories, while a serving of the Peach, Raspberry and Almond Galette weighs in with 150 calories. There are hundreds of options for those adhering to the author’s daily three-meal plan and easy-to-prepare recipes for readers simply looking for nutritious yet tasty food.

"Wholesome meals, enjoyed as a special celebration or as part of our daily routine, are an important aspect of the art of living," Guttersen writes. Don’t take her word for it; try it out yourself.