LIGHT RAID by Connie Willis


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From the authors of Lincoln's Dreams (Willis), Downtime (Felice) and (collectively) Water Witch: a brusque, YA-ish and crumbly near-future war-and-intrigue romance. Quebec is at war with the Western States and the Commonwealth, the chief weapons being superpowerful laser-blasters mounted on orbiting space platforms. What are they fighting about? Well, that's not too clear. Young Hellene Ariadne, forcibly evacuated to Vancouver from strife-torn Denver Springs, becomes alarmed when parental letters stop arriving and illicitly hightails it home--only to discover her father drunk, her mother imprisoned and their friendly old biotech employer, Hydra Corp., being bossed by Prince Miles Essex and his handsome sidekick, Joss Liddell. Ariadne's mother, it seems, is suspected of being a Quebec saboteur, and the news has knocked poor weary Dad for a loop. Ariadne shows little affection for her parents--and vice versa--though she does like the look of Joss Liddell, who, to nobody's surprise, turns out to be from Scotland Yard. But can she trust him, or his royal boss? is her mother really guilty? Will Dad's liver hold up? Of course she's guilty--and of course Joss will turn out to be Mr. Right. Absurd and empty-headed, from the unfathomable backdrop, ho-hum plot, creaky romance and its insufferable narrator to the Classical chitons everybody goes round wearing (just in case you forgot the Greek connection). Balderdash in ouzo.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1989
ISBN: 441-48311-9
Publisher: Berkley
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