THE ARISTOCRAT by Conrad Richter


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Mr. Richter has always been one of our leading national conservationists and here--under glass--one of those inimitable indomitables, Alexandria Morley (the Morleys were always ""pine knots""). An opinionated but entertaining woman inlaid with iron, Miss Alexandria lives on in a large house in a small Pennsylvania town; resists age (in fact refuses to be old) and defies death (her asthma--heart?); civilizes young Dr. Howell who attends her; tries to still the tongue of her logorrhetic cousin Eulalie; gives advice and never takes it (nor her medicine unless it's a color which appeals to her); harasses the councilmen about the city dump sending up mephitic fumes on land she'd sold; and finally is forced to her bed, the compleat indignity. . . . Not major Richter, but an etching without acid and with some charm-certainly a command performance for his readers.

Pub Date: Sept. 20th, 1968
Publisher: Knopf