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With a passion for platters and Paris, this author team has produced a well recipe-ed, well anecdoted medley of restaurants and their fare. Each chapter is on one restaurant-L'Escargot, Maxim's, Le Cochon d'Or, Le Bossu- complete with hours, address and telephone number. Each restaurant has, of course, its specialty- here described in clear detail, plain as the shell on a mussel or the smell of a clove spiked the anxious for the best from France or for the best while there. The open only for lunch, serves a delicious Coquille St. Jacques and tell you what wine to drink along with it as well. Pharamond, in the old house of the famous Tripe a Mode and at the you can get an exciting Russian meat and champagne cold soup that will keep you commenting for ages. There are a whole lot of these far more tasty than complicated recipes, chickens, lambs, lobsters, pastries- enough to keep one in Parts for a lifetime. An admirable companion for journey pleasure, preparation and return or for the earnest gourmet anywhere.

Pub Date: June 4th, 1952
Publisher: Little Brown