THE FLIGHT OF THE ARCTIC TERN by Constance and Harmon Heimericks


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The authors of With The Eskimos and Our Alaskan Winter (1947 through 1949), acquire their pilots' licenses and a Cessina 140, which they have geared for water landing, and head from Connecticut to their favorite country, by way of Canada. This is the detailed record of that trip, and the tour to the top of the world that they made, as they returned to Books Range, started a new home there, and went on to Kotzebue, Kivslina, Pt. Hope, Barrow, There are reunions with old friends -- Eskimos, missionaries, teachers, etc. rediscovery of old camping spots, photography and the realisation of the inroads of modernization; there are the loads they fly and the uncomfortable moments as the plane, the weather and unexpected troubles arise. Bud gets lost with a lady explorer; they know a freezeup, they go sealing; and travel from west to east across the northern rim. It's an exhaustive picture of life, of all kinds, in the Arctic with the same unquenchable enthusiasm as the earlier books, the same dedication to their well-loved country. Their market should be established.

Pub Date: June 4th, 1952
Publisher: Little, Brown