OUR ALASKAN WINTER by Constance & Harmon Helmericks


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Variations on a theme and a title by the authors of We Live in Alaska, We Live in the Arctic, Our Summer with the Eskimos, this takes the Helmericks to the Colville River area on the arctic coast of Alaska. Much of the time was spent in winter camp- a snowhouse, on the plains hunting down Caribou herds, or on Cross Island sea ice fishing for seals, tracking down polar bears, searching for driftwood for fuel, sledding to get essential provisions, or receiving visits from the travel-loving, gregarious Eskimos, As told by Harmon, their book combines the danger and adventure of big game hunting with the authentic arctic knowledge of two explorers who survived and thrived on the worst Alaska had to offer. The details of building a secure snowhouse, precautions against frostbite, Connie's encounter with a polar bear, the stalking of a Caribou, the squabbles and vagaries of their Eskimo helpers continue the tradition they have established for interesting, informative reading.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1949
Publisher: Little, Brown