THE STORY OF MONEY by Constance J. Foster
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A lucid, beautifully handled, and entertaining approach to some elements of economics. Accompanied by sprightly cartoons by the creator of Barnaby, Crockett Johnson, the text investigates the history, character, and present problems of money as a symbol of exchange. Always relating the illusive concepts to the child's own experience with money, the author packs a tremendous amount of information in these pages -- how money developed, what it and ""funny money"" used in the ancient world, in different parts of the world and early America, how coins are made, kinds of paper money, banks and bank money, investments, taxes, famous ""money men"" some odd notes about coin collections and even a rudimentary section about post-war economic problems involving the Bretton Woods Agreement and Marshall Plan. This is not a textbook in spite of the amount of material covered. The presentation is informal, idiomatic and interesting. Liberally illustrated with cartoons and photographs of coins, this is a handsome, valuable book.

Publisher: Medill, McBride